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What to Know About Lumbo-Sacral Belts?

As you know, lumbo-sacral belts are spinal supports designed for patients suffering from lower back pain. It compresses your lower back to ease pain & stiffness

In cases of vertebral fracture or disc injury, a lumbo-sacral belt holds the spine together and assists in limiting movement.

You may be required to use a lumbo-sacral belt when dealing with:

  • Post-surgical lumbosacral immobilization
  • Degenerative lumbar disc disease
  • Osteoporotic lower back pain
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Minor spondylolysis & Lumbar spondylitis pain
  • Postural fatigue & mechanical stresses due to poor posture
  • Comfort during long working hours and travel

Features of Dey’s Medical’s Customized Lumbo-Sacral Belt

Our 100% customized lumbo-sacral belt is designed to offer you the best support for all your needs. Made from high-quality cotton material, the belt has double stitching for additional security. Few other features include:

  • Ethafoam back pad for successful cushioning
  • Large hook loop with velcro for flexible sizing and easy usage
  • Complete customization according to your requirements
  • Dual color options: beige and navy blue

Benefits of Lumbo Sacral Belts

A lumbo-sacral belt brings many benefits to the table, whether it’s back-pain relief or posture correction. But be sure to get a belt that fits your back like a glove, so you can get the right fit for your body.

  • They provide sturdy back support to align your back and aid in faster recovery
  • These belts improve your posture and keep your spine upright
  • Lumbo-sacral belts can also relieve back pain and can help you resume your regular activities

How to Use a Lumbo-Sacral Belt

  • Wrap the belt around the waist, keeping it upright
  • Place the back panel in the center of the vertebral column
  • Close the hook and loop fasteners for comfortable compression
  • Stretch the elastics for added grip and firmness


Ready to try a customized lumbo-sacral belt? Feel free to reach out to Dey’s Medical to make your purchase today!

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